LTM Energy is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) with a unique blend of skills and experience obtained primarily in the energy industry. LTM Energy uses globally benchmarked technological expertise and capacity to provide clients with customised and meaningful energy and operating data portfolios. We develop energy management solutions that comply with ISO 50 001, King 3 and South Africa’s renewable energy policy and regulations.

Our complete energy audit package enable us to balance energy usage to renewable energy and energy efficiency and includes consultancy, auditing and an energy efficiency ‘toolkit’ to deal with:

  • compliance with legislation and regulations
  • goal setting, measurement and monitoring
  • ISO 14000 verification
  • financial modelling
  • funding facilitation
  • information gathering
  • trials and testing using measurement equipment
  • continuous improvement
  • client-specific energy efficiency tools

  • To uphold honest and ethical business practices
  • To maintain a standard of excellence in every aspect of the business
  • To be innovative and adaptable to the changing market needs
  • To satisfy and exceed customer expectations with high quality, cost-effective products and superior service delivery

In support of the value discipline of “customer intimacy” the primary values

  • Creativity
  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness
  • Innovation
  • Customer Centricity

The world is entering a period of energy scarcity and South Africa’s previously abundant electricity reserves have now been eroded. LTM Energy as a responsible corporate citizen will play its role in sustaining the natural resources of this planet. We need to be party to leaving a legacy of care and continuity.

  • CEO: Dhevan Pillay
  • COO: Pieter Brand
    Pr.Eng, ECSA, B Eng. MBA, Government Ticket, SAIT
  • Chairman: Prof. Nelson Ijumba
  • Energy Efficiency Manager: Mukuru Wesigye
    B.Tech Elec, ECSA Can, CMVP, CEM
  • HVAC: Anton Kotze
    Pr.Eng, B Eng Mech, PMP, SAIRAC, ECSA, SPI
  • Business Development: Theo Minne | CMF
  • Human Resources: Sasha Pather | BA (HSS) APP, Sage VIP Payroll Legislation
  • Finance: Mellisa Murenge | BCOM Accounting
  • M & V: Bongumsa Langa | B Tech
  • Green Building Consultant: Jayshree Pillay
    AP GBCSA, BA (Hon)
  • Head of Carbon & Sustainability: Teegan Govindasamy
    BSc (Hon) Env.Sci
  • Head of Water: Stuart Warren
    Member of the Borehole Association
  • Head of Quality Control: Tiaan Venter
    B Eng. Mech, SAIRAC

“Leader in Renewable and Energy Management Solutions” 

“Sustainable growth through legendary customer service, superior quality & innovative solutions”

LTM Energy is a proudly level 1 BEE company (100% BO, 60% BWO), South African company with over 40 years of combined utility experience. It has a unique blend of skills and experience obtained primarily in the energy industry. We are a progressive company that is passionate about incorporating creativity and innovation in all we do.

LTM Energy has developed exponentially in the past few years and now embrace the above specialist services so that we can deliver on the value we promise. It is through your belief in us that we can continue to grow and ensure we can exceed our goals & realize our vision. I thank you for your unrelenting support and hope to add further success stories in 2018 and beyond.

We looking forward to partnering with you as a blue chip client to ensure that utility management incl. energy management & renewable energy remains a priority for a better world and simultaneously bring about a reduction in operational costs.