SAEE Confederation Awards are presented to energy professionals and organisations who have achieved international, national, or regional prominence in their fields.

14 November 2019

SAEE Confederation Energy Awards 2019 Winner:
LTM Energy Winner Commercial Energy Project of the Year

Mukuru Wesigye

Mukuru Wesigye won the 2018 SAEEC Young Energy Professional Award of the year and is a CEM® and CMVP® from the AEE.

In 2018, Mukuru has conceptualized, designed and project managed a shared savings lighting project in PE which saved the client 33% of their lighting energy bill amounting to 1 560 MWh pa, R 1 414 000 pa and 1 607 tons of CO2 emission avoidance. Mukuru additionally project managed / coordinated the rollout of Solar Home Systems to 4900 beneficiaries in Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal and is currently project managing / coordinating the rollout of additional 1 574 systems in KwaZulu Natal under the DoE INEP program.

LTM Energy Has Been Accredited As A Tier 1 ESCO Company (Energy Services Companies).

The ESCo register is an important tool to facilitate the market development and growth of ESCos in South Africa; and will be utilized by both the public and private sector to identify, plan, develop, finance or implement co-generation or energy efficiency and demand side management projects in buildings, public lighting or water infrastructure.

ESCos are categorised as either Tier 1 or Tier 2. A comprehensive training program will be put in place to assist Tier 2 ESCo to develop into Tier 1 ESCo. A mentoring program whereby Tier 1 ESCo will work with Tier 2 ESCo is also envisaged.

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LTM Energy has been accredited as a Tier 1 company. This adds to key differentiators where the company, an Eskom approved private measurement and verification entity in South Africa (recently extended by another five years) coupled with over 75 years of utility experience, besides winning major awards with successful projects executed with blue chip clients. Following examination of the submission on the ESCo register, the Department of Energy (DoE), South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI), and the Deutsche Gesellschaft filr Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) the evaluation panel, using the criteria outlined have completed its review and scoring of the submission received, have announced that the company has been recognised as a fully qualified Tier 1 company.
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The Africa Energy Awards is the biggest event on the power & electricity calendar in Africa. Dubbed the ‘Oscars of the African power sector is without a doubt, the sector’s leading barometer of excellence and success. LTM Energy won the 2016 African Energy Premier Project of the Year.

  1. LTM Energy has been nominated as a finalist for the “Premier Energy Project of the Year” award at the Africa Energy Awards 2017.
  2. LTM Energy has been nominated and won 2016 “Premier Energy Project of the Year”
  3. Project: CDC: Hybrid Off Grid Solution
    • COGTA (Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs) has approached COEGA Development Cooperation (CDC) to be the implementation partner for the 4KW Hybrid PV and Generator project for the traditional leader’s homes & the community centres. CDC awarded LTM Energy the contract in March 2015 as the principal agents on this project to provide professional engineering and project management expertise. We have completed 39 units as the first phase. To ensure a quality product was delivered, the design was unique & the technology was of a high standard (modules were Tier 1, European inverters, long lasting & deep cycle batteries, etc.). This is the first PV hybrid system used by Government in the country which will lay the platform to embrace future hybrid off grid projects where Government leads by example.
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  4. LTM Energy has been nominated and won 2015 “Premier Energy Project of the Year”

LTM Energy has been awarded a 5-year contract with Eskom for the provision of independent Measurement and Verification (M&V) and reporting of Integrated Demand Management (IDM), Internal Energy Efficiency (IEE) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects and Programmes for a period of 5 years.

The contract is an extension of the previous 3-year contract awarded in 2014 when LTM Energy was the only private Eskom approved M&V entity. LTM has successfully delivered stakeholder satisfaction to clients in commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

LTM Energy is proud to announce our project nomination for the African Power Elites 2017 publication: FNB Fairlands energy efficiency project

The African Power Elites recognises individuals and projects for pushing the limits and going beyond them; their perseverance, innovation and dedication towards creating a reliable and sustainable power network for all of Africa.


Which are the African projects that have made the most significant differences? Which rollouts and new build have had a critical impact on the utility and its customer base?

The editorial team in conjunction with the advisory board will select projects that have delivered strongly in the following fields:

  • Large scale generation
  • Medium scale generation
  • Small scale generation
  • Rural electrification
  • Community
  • Refurbishment and/or maintenance
  • Transmission and distribution
  • Technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • Finance and investment

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Category: Energy Project of the Year
Entrant: Department of Energy (DOE) & LTM Energy
Project: Off Grid Solution

LTM Energy had won a very demanding DOE tender & entered into a contract with the Department for supply and installation of Solar Home Systems (SHS).

LTM Energy successfully rolled out 1000 homes within a space of 3 months which was a record for DOE SHS off grid project. We currently been awarded a further 1000 units to people that have no access to energy. Their quality of life has improved by just giving them this basic need which brought a huge smile to their faces.

In the development of suitable off-grid solutions for rural areas, LTM Energy also considered waste to energy, water management, enhancing local community development, training and education, local job creation, safety, etc that would lend itself to a sustainable off grid model.

Category: Energy Project of the Year
Entrant: FNB Fairland & LTM Energy
Project: GBCSA 4 star rating for Existing Building: FNB Fairland

The project has won the following awards:

  • The international Commercial Property Award for the best office development in Europe and Africa
  • The overall "Award for Innovative Excellence in Property Development" awarded by SAPOA
  • The office category in the SAPOA “Awards for Innovative Excellence in Property Development”

Migrating from Energy Efficiency to Energy Effectiveness

Embracing “ENERGY EFFICIENCY” through strategic consumption is the new buzzword for all those who attended a public lecture presented by Mr Dhevan Pillay, owner of Letamik International and Managing Director of LTM Energy on 08 April 2015. The message was clear to all, being an “Energy Efficient Ambassador” has rippling personal benefits as well as benefits that could uplift South African corporates and the economy. In other words, “extra money” in one’s pockets, Pillay.

Presented to a full house at Howard, Pillay‟s “The H Factor”: Migration from Energy Efficiency to Energy effectiveness lecture cast a new light on ways to combat the huge price hikes, which will have a significant impact on our electricity bills.

He went on to highlight areas of balance and Eskom‟s enormous challenge to serve the community and South Africa under constraints to “Keep The Lights On”. However, as proclaimed world-wide and emphasised through “Earth Hour” intervention, through joint efforts and the will to progress, innovation in action has given birth to amazing savings for humanity, households and businesses.

South Africa remains one of the world's least energy efficient nations. We use approximately 40% of Africa's electricity, and are the 11th highest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. Our national addiction to energy has led to the situation where our reserve margin is unsustainably low, and the reliability of our electricity supply is under threat. Our energy habits are systematically destroying our economy, our environment and our health.

Energetic and interactive in approach, Pillay who is a former UZKN Master of Science graduate and currently an external examiner for masters in Engineering students, demonstrated that there are better ways to combat one’s electricity bill by changing one’s mindset, adhering to and being guided by the operational efficiency and maintenance of appliances, and in addition, allowing yourself to change with energy efficient consumption and technologies. Mr Pillay explained how the national energy demand challenged him to think innovatively and extend his ideas on benefiting from energy savings. A drive that has been an “eye-opener” to the customers, their families and the community, in particular the awareness of what a little bit of effort does in creating understanding and savings.

When Eskom’s net reserve margin was underscored earlier this year, the energy demand outstripped the supply and the country experienced the first waves of load shedding, said Pillay “Managing your budget is serious business,” expressed Mr Pillay. “But it is a “no brainer” to resist being an energy efficient ambassador today. We are not asking to take you out of your comfort zones but rather, it’s the simple things that you and I can do to make a difference,” he said.

Project: Energy Company of the Year LTM Energy PTY LTD

We believe that our experience of the South African power sector, technical skills and excellent relationships with potential power off takers set us apart from the competition. We are a team of professional engineers in multifaceted disciplines that forms the heart that drives this company.

Key Attributes and Success Stories:

  1. We were the finalists in the 2014 “eta” awards (, an event hosted by Minister of DOE & Eskom with three of our projects making it to the top 5 from the countrywide submissions.
  2. LTM Energy has won major tenders (PIC, ABSA, etc) against reputable companies.
  3. We are approved by NBI/PSEE (UK carbon trust funds) programme for both medium (bet. 750k and R45m) and large (over R45m) clients.
  4. We have many professional engineers and accredited professional (APs) with GBCSA in our team. Two of which sit on the GBCSA panel as adjudicators. Our group Chairperson is also a Board member of GBCSA.
  5. LTM Energy has been awarded the biggest retail (Pareto owned Pavilions sc) & office (FNB Fairlands) buildings in South Africa’s first ever GBCSA existing pilot programme.
  6. LTM Energy has been appointed by MTN on three of their Tri-Gx plants. Will be the first Tri-Gx plant to sell power back to Eskom.
  7. Awarded the biggest storm water recycling project in South Africa by Pareto grp.