Mukuru Wesigye

Mukuru Wesigye won the 2018 SAEEC Young Energy Professional Award of the year and is a CEM® and CMVP® from the AEE.

In 2018, Mukuru has conceptualized, designed and project managed a shared savings lighting project in PE which saved the client 33% of their lighting energy bill amounting to 1 560 MWh pa, R 1 414 000 pa and 1 607 tons of CO2 emission avoidance. Mukuru additionally project managed / coordinated the rollout of Solar Home Systems to 4900 beneficiaries in Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal and is currently project managing / coordinating the rollout of additional 1 574 systems in KwaZulu Natal under the DoE INEP program.

Mukuru additionally conducted energy audits at Telkom HQ and CSIR with the former resulting in implementation of a lighting retrofit project which has saved Telkom 83 kW, 665 MWh, R 731 958 pa and 685 tons of CO2 avoided emissions. The latter identifying energy conservation measures to reduce the campus’ energy consumption by 20% (R 3 890 000 pa and 5149 CO2 avoided emissions) if recommendations are implemented on all 50 buildings at the campus.