Corporate social investment (CSI) is defined as contributions (either monetary, employee time and resources, or gifts in kind) which bring benefits over and above those directly associated with our core business activities.


Kingsway Centre of Concern is an independent school who have been educating, providing food and counselling for children from extremely poor circumstances. It aims to meet the needs of and provide life-enriching opportunities for socio-economically disadvantaged children who would previously have had limited options for bettering their lives.

Based very close to FNB / Wesbank Fairlands building, MTN Head office & Westgate shopping mall, LTM Energy has partnered with the Centre to ensure the following benefits:

  1. The centre to have their electricity supply restored before the Winter dawns upon the children living at the centre.
  2. To go “green” as much as possible. We have already ensured that heat pumps, real time meters, energy efficient lighting & showerheads were installed. Next phase will be solar PV with a hybrid connection to a Generator.
  3. To introduce Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy as a focussed subject in the school. This may culminate in an approved curriculum by Dept. of Education to be introduced that can be replicated throughout the country at other schools.