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Off Grid Hybrid PV and Generator Project


The SA Government has an objective to provide universal electricity access to all South Africans, and it is becoming increasingly evident that this objective cannot be met through grid electrification alone. In addition, South Africa’s electricity supply is under pressure and there is also growing pressure to accelerate the installation of renewable energy sources.
As such COGTA (Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs) has approached COEGA Development Cooperation (CDC) to be the implementation partner for the 4KW Hybrid PV and Generator project for the traditional leader’s homes & the community centre’s. As such, LTM Energy were appointed as the principal agents on this project given their vast experience in the renewable sector.
The team has completed 39 units as the first phase. To ensure a quality product was delivered, the design was unique & the technology was of a high standard (modules were Tier 1, European inverters, long lasting & deep cycle batteries, etc.). This is the first PV hybrid system used by Govt. in the country which will lay the platform to embrace future hybrid off grid projects where Govt. leads by example.