FNB , through LTM Energy as it energy consultants, said its aim is to achieve a “5” star rating on one of its single biggest existing building in Africa foiling the “4” star rating achieved in 2015.

FNB will soon launch its photovoltaic solar farm at its Fairland campus in Roodeport part of its sustainability drive at the company.

This car port PV will produce just over 1.8 MW of power and cover roughly 980 car ports, with the first megawatt set to go live early next year.

Solar panels are mounted on angled car port roofs. The car ports were reconfigured to ensure maximum gain throughout the day.

LTM Energy used the latest solar panel technology available, which is heat resistant, wind resistant, and hail resistant. The panels have a 25-year lifespan. It is tier 1 quality meaning.

In addition to configuring the car ports with the solar panels in mind, LTM Energy re-engineered the parking structures to handle gale-force winds as well as to ensure that the structures last for the duration of the solar PV (over 20 yrs).

It is also considering adding other measures to improve the building performance like “zero to landfill” green waste management, improved water harvesting, etc.