Project: Sustainable Water Solution to Liberty Building Grey & Rain Water for On-site Reuse

Liberty Life Regional Headquarters Umhlanga Durban

Liberty Umhlanga has in their Commercial Complex (Liberty Life Regional Headquarters, Southern Sun hotel and Rental Office Block) contracted LTM Energy to install a sophisticated rainwater and grey-water reuse system. Moreover, the payback period was less than 2 years. Hence Liberty is planning on rolling this out to other sites.

Key object being “going-green” through capture of rainwater and optimise use; coupled with the collection of grey-water from the Office block and the Southern Sun hotel laundry, showers, bath tubs and kitchen sink for reuse in bathrooms (toilet and urinal flashing) and supply to air-conditioning cooling system.

3 Year Summary

Project Cost (excl. VAT)

R 449 659

Expected 3 Yr Savings

R 934 035

Expected 3 Yr Net Position

R 484 376

Payback Period (Capital)

19 months