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The SA Government has an objective to provide universal energy access to all South Africans, and it is becoming increasingly evident that this objective cannot be met through grid electrification alone. In addition, South Africa’s electricity supply is under pressure and there is also growing pressure to accelerate the installation of renewable energy sources.

As such S.A Government via COGTA/COEGA and DOE appointed LTM Energy as the principal agents on this project given their vast experience in the renewable sector. 39 x 4KW Hybrid PV and Generator project was done for the traditional leader’s homes and the community centres as just the first phase. 2000 x 95W PV units were implemented in remote rural homes that used candles, kerosene, wood, gas etc for energy use.

major commercial bank has also partnered with LTM Energy to ensure financing is available for these offgrid or grid tied solutions across all LSM groups. This solution has a product-embedded hardware plus cloud-based software that enables a consumer to purchase a solar home system at minimal upfront cost and then to make a series of small payments over time – using a mobile phone – to complete the purchase of their system. It may be prepaid, PAYG (pay as you go) or instalment based payment plans. This then enables the customer to overcome the two main barriers in the implementation of PV panels namely viz: Initial capital outlay and maintenance of the product.

To ensure a quality product was delivered, the design was unique and the technology was of a high standard. This is the first scalable PV hybrid off grid system used in Africa for Government to be in the forefront of the green economy by reducing its carbon footprint and ensuring that job creation and social upliftment with basic access to energy remains a high priority. This project will be a key enabler to light up Africa.

Off Grid Hybrid PV and Generator Project

LTM Energy (Pty) Ltd demonstrated excellent vision and initiative w.r.t to energy efficiency and renewable energy by combining innovation and leadership in assisting Government by offering Solar Energy to rural areas of the country as its key focus area. In doing so, it became a leader and role model in promoting energy efficiency and embracing renewable energy. The uniqueness of the design lends itself to best breed technology as well as great value for money as compared to other commercially available units in the market. The back end architecture completes a totally packaged solution rather than merely a product offering.

LTM Energy with representatives of Government in front of the PV Hybrid solution
LTM Energy with representatives of Government in front of the PV Hybrid solution

 COEGA: Off Grid Hybrid PV and Generator Project