There's an energy revolution happening in South Africa and globally, solar energy is becoming a viable alternative to traditional electricity systems. In a true leapfrog moment, LTM Energy provides a fully funded option with its own unique offering for its “M + N = O” initiative where we can beat the current electricity tariff by as much as 50% with clean green abundant solar energy.

LTM Energy prides itself on being a leader in commercial solar power installations in South Africa. Essentially, LTM Energy is solutions driven. We are a highly experienced and professional commercial and residential solar electricity team. LTM Energy has proven its abilities to design, install, commission and support systems in commercial, industrial and residential environments. We have also undertaken large-scale solar power generation. We have direct relationships with all our suppliers and through our international partners’ buying power, it makes us very price competitive.

We at LTM Energy believe that our experience of the South African power sector, technical skills and excellent relationships with potential power off takers set us apart from the competition. We are a team of professional engineers in multifaceted disciplines that forms the heart that drives this company.

We are a registered ESCO (Energy Services Company) with Eskom, accredited with NBI & GBCSA. LTM Energy guarantees, expedites & optimizes donor funding whilst available. This will ensure the client’s return on their investment becomes a "no brainer" to justify to the financial committees albeit simultaneously meeting the Sustainability Report of King 111 and ISO 50001 and giving the client the desired financial benefits.

Water Demand and Management in industry

Introduction to Water Management

Water management has become a key focus area in the South African environment due to water shortages off recent reported in most critical business districts. Drought and overuse of Water, is making natural resource a far more viable and valuable commodity to business from a financial and environmental perspective as we see more of our blue-chip clients looking to LTM Energy to provide solutions of accommodation.