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There's an energy revolution happening in South Africa and globally, solar energy is becoming a viable alternative to traditional electricity systems. In a true leapfrog moment, LTM Energy provides a fully funded option with its own unique offering for its “M + N = O” initiative where we can beat the current electricity tariff by as much as 50% with clean green abundant solar energy.

LTM Energy prides itself on being a leader in commercial solar power installations in South Africa. Essentially, LTM Energy is solutions driven. We are a highly experienced and professional commercial and residential solar electricity team. LTM Energy has proven its abilities to design, install, commission and support systems in commercial, industrial and residential environments. We have also undertaken large-scale solar power generation. We have direct relationships with all our suppliers and through our international partners’ buying power, it makes us very price competitive.

Energy Solar PV Offering

Our founding directors are professional engineers and we are proud to have designed and built systems that are long-lasting. As a result, we have won “eta”, SAEE and African Energy Awards in the past.

LTM Energy offers a “one-stop” service and is able to execute turnkey solutions with excellent after-sales support, defining us as experts in the emerging Renewable Energy space. All aspects of a project (financing, custom engineering/designing, installation and ongoing monitoring & verification, as well as maintenance) are covered in our solution. You may have a dedicated LTM Energy Project Manager who will keep you updated on the status of your project and attend to any queries.

Businesses, government, schools and other institutions have engaged with us to define, scope design a solution and install solar power systems to help them reach their targets in sustainability and reduced utility costs.