We at LTM Energy believe that our experience of the South African power sector, technical skills and excellent relationships with potential power off takers set us apart from the competition. We are a team of professional engineers in multifaceted disciplines that forms the heart that drives this company.

We are a registered ESCO (Energy Services Company) with Eskom, accredited with NBI & GBCSA. LTM Energy guarantees, expedites & optimizes donor funding whilst available. This will ensure the client’s return on their investment becomes a "no brainer" to justify to the financial committees albeit simultaneously meeting the Sustainability Report of King 111 and ISO 50001 and giving the client the desired financial benefits.

Be a Bright Spark Choose LTM Energy
Be a Bright Spark Choose LTM Energy

We now offer specialised and independent Measurement and Verification (M&V) services, in accordance with SATS 50 010, for the issuing of the relevant Tax certificate and certification of energy savings. LTM Energy M&V executives are registered with CMVPSA (Council of Measurement and Verification Professionals of South Africa). LTM Energy has two Accredited Professionals, who also serve as accredited assessors with GBCSA, to ensure sustainable “green” business practices.

Note that LTM Energy have done energy audits on a wide spectrum of clients ranging from commercial, agricultural, industrial & mining across various sectors and technologies. We have competent technical specialists (electrical, mechanical, chemical & process engineers) together with financial specialists (MBA, CAs) that will ensure a sound business case is presented based on the detailed energy audit findings. This will be within the financial parameters (ROI, NPV, IRR) that are acceptable to the client.

LTM Energy has customised for our blue chip clients Energy Management (EM) policies, EM Strategy Development & EM Implementation where they have had resounding success to ensure sustainable behaviour and comply with new codes of business.

LTM Energy has won tenders against reputable companies for energy audits and implementation where we have rolled these programmes out quite successfully. Our EM solution offering extends to Waste Management and Water Management. We believe in a total holistic EM solution to optimise on savings for the client beyond just electricity. It may extend to other energy mix eg. Diesel, steam, LPG etc.

LTM Energy also ensures that sustainable behaviour must incorporate organisational & change management which forms the very foundation of the five pillars discussed in our methodology. Equipment such as data loggers, camera, thermal imaging camera, temperature gun, lux meter are enablers to ensuring an accurate and thorough audit has been done. LTM Energy is the only Eskom M&V approved private entity in South Africa.